Immigration Attorney

The Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier provides general consulting services for immigrants who want to understand their options. We can streamline the immigration process, while paving the way for a successful resolution of problems. Learn more through a free legal consultation with an immigration attorney.

Experienced Immigration Attorney

The Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier maintains office in Bakersfield, CA, to best assist clients. We know that criminal charges can complicate immigration matters, and we’re ready to help fight for you. If you have a criminal record, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Turn to the Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier to determine how your past could affect your status.

We  can assist with a variety of immigration matters, including the following:

  • obtaining a visa to work abroad;
  • gaining citizenship;
  • obtaining visas to bring relatives to the U.S.;  and
  • deportation defense

We offer legal services in English, Spanish, and Tagalog. Filipino clients and Spanish speaking clients often benefit from hiring an attorney who can explain everything in their first language, so they understand all implications, courses of action, and potential outcomes.

How a Immigration Attorney Can Help

Immigration matters can be confusing, especially if an individual has a criminal record or faces charges. Whether you need help getting a visa for travel or have questions about deportation, citizenship, or legal status, the Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier is here to help.

We strive to keep every client informed throughout the process, using a counseling process informed by more than 24 years working on California immigration cases.

With something as important and complex as immigration matters, it is better to hire an attorney than to try to represent your own interests. We can help you gather all the right forms, complete paperwork accurately, submit everything you need, and enjoy the best odds of a successful and swift resolution. Since our Bakersfield immigration attorney also offers criminal defense services, you can rely on Attorney Javier to represent you in both criminal and immigration matters.

If you have a pressing immigration matter, you do not need to face it alone. We provide efficient legal services. To discuss your immigration matter with the Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier and learn how we can assist you, contact us today to arrange a free new client consultation. Call 470-375-9441 to speak with an immigration attorney who understands how criminal charges affect immigration matters.