Business Law Attorney

Do you need legal services for your small business? Get the help you need for a reasonable cost with the Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier, a business law firm with more than 24 years of experience. Learn how our affordable business law services can help you find success.

Hire a Business Law Attorney

We represent California small business owners with general consulting, business acquisition, contracts, lease agreements, and real estate transactions. We have worked primarily with dental practices, but welcome small business owners from all professions who need legal services. We can also advise businesses on technology and patient development in a consulting role.

While business legal services can get expensive, we strive to keep our rates reasonable so that clients can afford to get the help they need to grow their businesses.  Attorney Maurice M. Javier speaks English, Spanish, and Tagalog.

How a Business Law Attorney Benefits You

Small businesses often try to handle legal matters on their own, out of the misconception that they cannot afford to hire an attorney. As a result of their decision, these businesses risk entering real estate transactions, leases, and other contacts that are not in their best interests.

When you own a small business, you must do everything possible to protect your business assets. Part of this is hiring an attorney who can review any and all documentation to make sure it’s legally sound and captures your interests.

At the Law Offices of Maurice M Javier, we offer reasonable legal fees for common business law and consulting needs, so that business owners can grow their businesses without choosing between legal and other necessary services. With every matter, the attorney will explain your options, walk you through potential outcomes, and advise you on the best course of action. Our legal services are always personalized to reflect the unique circumstances of your business at the present moment in time.

To speak with a Bakersfield Business Law Attorney about your unique situation, learn the outcomes, and move forward, contact us for free new client consultation. Reserve your consultation by calling 661-717-0179.