Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier

Every case presents unique challenges. That’s why the team at the Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier craft custom solutions that work for you. We use intelligent strategies to ensure effective solutions for all of your small business needs. We also provide personal injury representation and immigration consulting services.

Business Strategies & Litigation

No one can help your business avoid negative exposure and liability better than an attorney who knows how to hold others accountable in court. The Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier have 24 years of experience in all aspects of business set-up, contracts, transactions, planning, and more.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to settle a case outside of the courtroom. In this case, litigation may be necessary. The professionals at the Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier have vast experience with California legal cases and offer insightful strategies when litigation is imminent.

Partnership Disputes

Business disputes among partners can create uniquely frustrating experiences. The Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier has over two decades of successful experience in handling partnership and other small business disputes. Our staff can help you navigate your business disputes, guide you to a positive outcome, and help you regain a sense of peace over the situation.

When your business faces a potential lawsuit or your business or customer information has been stolen, you need representation that has the experience and compassion to effectively handle your case. The Law Offices of Maurice M. Javier has the experience, knowledge, and insight to serve as your advocate so that you can regain control and fight for your rights.

Business Anywhere.

The business consulting practice of the firm recognizes that your legal/business needs can happen anywhere.  We are able to assist with your international business needs in selected areas.

Our firm offers affordable legal representation in Bakersfield areas. Let us handle the legalities so that you can focus on growing your business. For California cases only, we can assist in your personal injury or other civil matter.  We also handle minor criminal cases in California and all other criminal cases affecting your immigration status. Call us today for your free consultation.